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      Pursuing perfection、

      Create excellence,

      service idea

      Shenyuan special steel has won the respect of customers with exquisite technology, advanced technology and strict detection means. Shenyuan regards quality as life and regards users as God. Always follow the attitude of checking every process and being responsible for every product, and serve users wholeheartedly.

      Shenyuan's service lies in specialty. Whether it is pre-sales, or after-sales, a perfect information feedback system has established a good partnership between Shenyuan and customers.

      after-sale service

      Under the guidance of the service concept of "customer-centered", the company has formulated a service concept of "faster, more affinity and convenience". Products: quality first, complete varieties, can meet the needs of different levels of customers; Service: we can do what the customer thinks; Process: ensure the realization of product and service standards.

      (1)We have established a perfect after-sales tracking system。

      (2) Establish and maintain good communication with customers through various forms and channels.

      We firmly believe that: a dedication to you

      a sincere heart will also be rewarded


      We firmly believe that: a dedication to you

      a sincere heart will also be rewarded

      Marketing department 1 Marketing department 2 General manager office

      Sales Hotline: +86 (523)83760850

      Mobile No.: +86 13815919666

      E-Mail: anne.wang@shenyuan-group.com

      Add.: Renming Road, Zhangguo Town,
      Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

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